About WWCM

WORLD WOMEN AND CHILDREN MISSION is a non – profit organization committed to the eradication of poverty , sustainable development and growth worldwide, focusing on providing and advancing equal opportunity for everyone everywhere, empowerment of the poor, women and children, the vulnerable and the marginalized, care for everyone and the world.

The organization seeks to promote the welfare of women, children, vulnerable and the deprived of the world by working directly with the people, communities , government and organization. Believing in the noble and able strength and potentials of mankind to perfectly resolve their problems that can lead to freedom over poverty, economic sufficiency and improved of quality life.

We work to provide educational opportunities to every child that is in need through sponsorship, support and assistance to liberate children from poverty and help them build for themselves a brighter, successful and responsible future. The organization empowers women and young girls through skills, vocation and job training, provision of resources for enterprise development and livelihood.

We deliver our programs through the generous support of individual, corporate and foundation donors, partners, and governments


WWCM is a non-governmental, non–profit organization dedicated to leading the course for positive social change, advancing equal opportunity and welfare of women and children and ensuring quality life for everyone.

Our history

Mr Draman’s keen interest in education and the rights of children led him to discover that poverty is the main obstacle in the education of children across Africa and the developing countries. Parents love to see their children get education but often lack the capacity and the funds to afford their children’s education. As a result, parents are forced to send their children to work, including selling in the street and trafficking. To survive, the children are denied the right to education.

Three young girls told their story how they stopped school for a year just because they could not afford the books. To get money for the books their parents made them leave school and sell in the street for a neighbour. They finally ended up never returning to education as selling in the street became a source of livelihood for the family. Several children in many places across the globe are suffering from a similar experience; having no right to education.

To help address this problem in fighting poverty among women and children, saving the future of the children and empowering the women, Mr Draman founded World Women and Children MissionWWCM in 2010. The main aims of the mission are to help provide education to children from deprived and underprivileged families and to provide support to women and young girls to advance their welfare and quality life.

WWCM helps children and women in poverty to succeed and thrive through educational support and sponsorship for children, and skills and job training for women. Through the intervention of WWCM several children have and are receiving an education for brighter future. There are a lot more children to help and our success depend on your support. Please support WWCM. Let’s give every child the opportunity for a full education.

World Women and Children Mission, WWCM

P. O . Box Mk  255, Mankessim,

Cape Coast,


TEL       :     +233 576636267

E-mail :     worldwomenandchildren@yahoo.com


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